We provide the baking industry, restaurant owners, food service personnel and professional chefs with superior products. Browse our range of flours, made with the professional baker, chef, hospitality, the food service industry and end-users in mind.

Millstone Flour is available in 2.5Kg, 12.5Kg and 25Kg Packaging.

Stone Ground Flour

Stock up on your stone ground flour supplies with our range of authentic artisanal products.

White Bread Wheat Flour

Brown Bread Wheat Flour

Cake Wheat Flour

Wholeweat Meal Flour

Specialty Range

Add a touch of Millstone authenticity to your artisanal creations.
Our range of specialty flours ensure specialised items such as pizza bases, pastas and breads yield consistently superior results.

Farina 00 Range

100% Rye Flour

Complete Artisanal Baking Solutions

Our ready-made mixes take the stress out of baking; delivering top results every time.
They are one of a kind baking solution that enables bakers to produce a range of artisanal breads consistently in quantities and batches as required.


Ciabatta & Panini Full Mix

Rye Bread Mix

French Baguette Mix

Multiseed Mix

Focaccia Full Mix